If tickets are sold out online we will sell tickets at the door if there is capacity – you may experience a wait time but we will try to accommodate everyone who wants to come in. Due to COVID restrictions, we must adhere to the guidelines and will let you enter as soon as we possibly can. Best to come early and NOT at the very beginning of an hour.

The opening times reflect the opening times for AREA 51 – DUSK opens at DUSK meaning the opening times for this haunted house will adjust with the sunset.

For those who buy tickets for an earlier show (at the beginning of October), you may experience wait times in between haunted houses as DUSK does not open at the same time. We have food, beverages and some great photo ops in the compound to entertain you while you wait!

Event Hours

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Opening night for the 2020 Halloween season is September 25, 2020. For information about ticket prices, visit our Pricing page.

Nov 6th, 7th & 8th are our famous LIGHTS OUT event! Yes! Our lights will be turned off and each group will only get one light to try and make their way through Deadmonton House. Good luck!

Deadmonton’s final  show of the 2020 year will be FRIDAY THE 13th! (of November) – Because who doesn’t need a good scare on Friday the 13th?? This show will be a regular season show (NOT a lights out event).